Calendar "None" on Workouts

Has this been discussed or explained? What does the “None” red tag mean? It’s only on these few rides.


I had this briefly this morning, but a refresh of my browser window took them away.

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Same! It was there longer than yours it seems but it’s gone now

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Hey, all!

This is really strange! I think you’ve uncovered a bug.

Normally, a race’s priority (if one had been set) would be indicated where you’re seeing “None”.

From the looks of @mmpgh 's screenshot, there’s “None” text on both TR workouts as well as outdoor rides.

Something’s definitely not correct here, so I’m going to pass this along to our Development Team to look into.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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I saw it last night (Monday Oct 8, Pacific time), and then a refresh 15 minutes later solved the problem.

Cool. Thanks for the info!

I’m glad it seems to have sorted itself out, but I made our Team aware of it anyway in case it’s representative of something more sinister.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary again, eh?

@Alex i had the same issue but a close and refresh seems to have sorted it out as well.

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@Alex oddly it came back again this morning, and then disappeared when I clicked the refresh icon in url field of Safari.

If it helps:

  • Mac OS X (High Sierra 10.13.6) on my laptop
  • latest Safari (12.0) with Ghostery extension and whitelisted
  • TR calendar is in a pinned tab
  • thought I last visited the tab 14+ hours ago (Oct 9), but calendar clearly shows Monday as current day
  • switched to TR calendar tab just now and None had returned
  • clicked refresh on Safari url field and back to normal

I did use my TR calendar on my desktop (also High Sierra), and didn’t see the issue on it. For some reason Ghostery is disabled on the desktop, vaguely recall doing some testing of Ghostery on/off last week (after recent Safari 12.0 update). Perhaps its related to the Ghostery extension? Not sure.

Since I use both a laptop (phone calls, web conferences, TR YouTube on Thursday morning) and desktop (notes, email, all real work) at work, my memory about when I last saw the issue and on which computer is perhaps a little cloudy.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for the detailed rundown and screenshot! This should help. I’ll update our open issue and let our Development/QA team know.

I appreciate this, @bbarrera!

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@Alex just added a caveat to my description, as I work on two computers during the day and likely have a few facts in error about when and which computer I last saw the issue

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p.s. switching to desktop, if I click on calendar tab (its not pinned tab) it shows the yesterday as current date. So I clicked Today button at bottom right of calendar and it still shows yesterday:

Had to click refresh icon in Safari url field to get calendar page to put green square around 10 (its noon on the 10th right now).

The desktop has Ghostery installed, but it is disabled in Safari > Preferences > Extensions

Ah, thanks! I’ll relay this as well.

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