Calendar Control, Parity between Apps / Web (Feature Request)

Looking at the calendar on the Desktop app and Web view, there are differences for common elements. I don’t know the setup on the Mobile app since it is under development.

My overall point is a desire for common locations & functions for the same functions / buttons. It takes a moment to find some of these due to the differences in layout, and there are some funcitons missing as well. Ideally, it seems they would be located in roughly similar locations, within the limits of each device / app environment, and offer similar controls. Consistency between TR experience is the overall request.

  1. The “Today” button:

    • Desktop: Located at Top Right Corner
    • Web: Located at Bottom Right Corner
  2. “Month” Control Arrows

    • Desktop: Uses ‘Up’ / ‘Down’ Arrows to shift months
    • Web: Uses ‘Left’ / ‘Right’ Arrows to shift months
  3. List / Grid View

    • Desktop: Available, and located in the Top Right Corner
    • Web: Not available