Cadence change - pluses and minuses?

Until recently my "natural’ cadence was around 100 rpm. I was very consistently in the 95-105 range and basically never saw the 80’s unless doing drills or out of gears on a climb. After a couple decades there, over the past 2 years and particularly over the last 12 months my natural cadence has made a pretty significant drop into the low to mid 80’s. This was not intentional, it just happened. I can still get my spin on but now it takes a conscious effort whereas before it just happened. (no idea why but my hunch is its combo of switching to erg mode and possibly advancing age (59)

Two questions: anyone else experience this kind of change? And, what are the pluses and minuses of a lower cadence.

52yo. Power profile as good as ever PR’s 20-40minute range this year. New shoes=less stack=lowered my saddle but, more than the loss in stack=more ankling=a touch less cadence (anecdotally). All I really look at is power and HR. Just noticing cadence being a touch lower. Lower cadence meaning motoring near threshold in the 80’s v 90’s.

The only time I’m concerned about cadence is near redline and trying to hold a wheel or something similar. Trying to stay over the gear…not looking at cadence but, just shift one up or one down to keep power high.

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