Cadence advise and plan continuity

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2 questions:

  1. I’ve been following the coach’ advice on cadence 85 - 95 during workouts, but it feels unnatural and slow - I’m a fast spinner, and would default to 100 - 105 if not told to dö otherwise. Apart from deliberate low cadence drills, would I defeat the purpose of the workouts by just spinning at my natural cadence?

  2. I am currently on a plan with 5 workouts a week, with the bulk of the TSS in the weekend. Sometimes I prefer a weekend day off, and was wondering if moving the Saturday workout to Friday would work against any logic of amassing loads of TSS on back to back days (Saturday and Sunday) or if it doesnt matter at all?


  1. Use the cadence and range that suits you and your event demands. Much of that text is aimed at newer riders who tend to spin too slowly. In other workout text and the podcasts, they recommend growing cadence above 95. So, feel free to use your own cadence as appropriate for your needs.

  2. Totally fine to shift workouts. Just be sure you are able to hit the goals for each workout. Other than that, you are good to go.

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Cheers for the answers. Was a relief to use my natural cadence in todays workout :slight_smile:

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I just do the sessions that fit into my schedule. Some weeks due to travel I have to do two days back to back.

I like to go out on my bike at weekends for the fun of cycling. I used to skip the long weekend sessions and go on to the next one hour one, but now I just do whatever comes next.

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From my point of view, to make it simple and to keep the plan untouched I like to just shift the whole plan a day early which is now very easy with the calendar! So for the mid volume plans, instead of working out on Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, my workouts ends up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday so instead of having Monday and Friday off, the rest days fall on Thurday and Sunday! This keeps the same scheduling for effort vs rest and I get my full Sunday off!
This is my way of doing it!

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Perfect advice :boom:

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