C event coming up. To skip or not skip the workout?


I have a C event coming up. It is a 2 day supported tour and the total distance is 308km. 128km with 2000+m of climbing on the first day and 180km on the second day with 2000+m of climbing. It is falling on May 9 and May 10. I am starting short power build low volume and this event is coming on the 3rd week of the short power build. My 3rd week looks like this:-

Monday: Whiteface
Tue: Rest
Wednesday: Junction -1
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Bashful +2
Saturday: Supported Tour Day 1
Sunday: Supported Tour Day 2

I haven’t used the plan builder FYI and which workout should I skip and will it really make a huge difference?

Sub out Bashful for Pettit or similar. Don’t look back.

Keep your recovery week intact or slide your workouts one day (T, Th, Sat).


Is this on Mars or something local?


Curious what country / what planet you live on? Here on Earth in April 2020, it seems like cycling events are like dinosaur racing. I (and probably everyone here) am quite jealous.



The event is happening on Zwift. I forgot to mention that lol.