Buy a water bottle to support victims of Louisville, CO fires

The Feed is donating 100% of the sales from the logo water bottles to support victims of the Louisville / Superior CO fires yesterday. Friend of mine almost lost everything…fire stopped abiut a mile from his house. Too many others weren’t that lucky.

We all need water bottles, so this is a no brainer. And it is 100% of the sales, not the proceeds. I grabbed some gels while I was there to give The Feed some extra $$$.


Right at the top of the homepage.


Done. Thanks for sharing.


:heavy_check_mark: Thanks for sharing!


Done, thanks for sharing.


What a devastating event, I hope that everyone affected can recover. Scary.

Thanks for the link, I bought a couple of bottles.

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I’m trying to wrap my head around how long it is going to take to return the area to “normal”. Entire neighborhoods were wiped out….there just aren’t going to be enough contractors to rebuild everything anytime soon (not to mention winter months suck for building).

The low contractor supply is going to cause massive estimates to rebuild and it is already one of the most expensive areas to live in.

Some workers will undoubtedly move to the area to fill the labor shortage and make some $$$, but this is going to take a LONG time to resolve.

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Yes! I absolutely love those bottles - grabbed a few yesterday to round out the “I-need-an-even-number-in-these-colors” collection.

And they currently have a 22% off sale so I stocked up on some essentials and not-so-essential-but-equally-delicious little Chai stroopwafels: Your code for the 2022 Save 22% Sale is: 2022-TFP22

If you are looking for other opportunities to help:

  • Word of Thanks Microgiving campaign organized by 9News anchor Kyle Clark;
  • Community Foundation Boulder County through;
  • EF-Nippo rider Alex Howes has a few GoFundMe for friends in his IG stories (among them, the EF mechanic/alt-calendar guru lost his home).
  • Vafels + Ben Delaney fundraiser ride (or cash donation w/matching, bike gear): Boulder Fire Victim Fundraiser – vafels

This is going to take such a long time to recover. And if I see one more “did these people not have insurance?” posts, I’ll scream. Because, as someone who grew up in Hurricane City, Texas, tell me you have never filed an insurance claim due to natural disaster loss without actually telling me :weary:


I donated to that one last night as well.

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So they ship to the UK? :smiley:

I have no idea…