Burnout, Off Season and Handling More Load

So I have been using trainerroad for atleast a year now. Before I tell you the rest, I would like to give you an idea of who I am. I am 18 years old, weigh 70 kilos, ride my bike around 10 hours a week and have an FTP of about 4.3w/kg.

My current gear:

Trainer: Tacx neo
Bike: Trek emonda alr 5
Powermeter: Garmin vector 3s

Last fall, I had to take a month off from cycling as I was moving which was a big change for me and on top of that while transporting my bike(it was a giant propel advanced 0 2016 with di2), the seatpost lock was missing and the bike shops often do not carry spare parts for bikes that are not common. So it took another 2 weeks to arrive. In the meantime, I was doing some unstructured running and gymwork to maintain fitness. After I got my bike fixed(this was in mid September), I was super motivated to ride again and started putting in some serious miles. By mid October, the weather was too cold to ride outdoors so I got back on the trainer and continued putting in the miles and by mid December, I started following the high volume sweet spot base plan and it went according to plan until February. That is when I started doing these zwift endurance group rides and got addicted to it. My weight was 65 kgs at this time. I was also doing zwift races and a lot of HIIT workouts from trainerroad in February. I was feeling very strong in February and then continued the same thing in March. By April, I started riding outdoors and did a road race where I finished 5th in my category but wasn’t motivated to do more races. Then came June, the weather started getting warmer and drier so I was doing more rides outdoors. The same goes for July and August and I started doing imperial centuries on a regular basis. My last ride was a 100 mile ride and can be viewed on my profile.

Now after constantly riding for 10 hours a week without any rest weeks(except in April and May) I kind of feel burned out but I still have the motivation.

I want to take October off. My plan is to take a week off the bike and be on the couch, then go to the gym and lift some weights and do cyclocross.

I also want to get used to riding 20+ hours a week(600-700km week) and have an opportunity to do that this mid-November(on the trainer) and the winter vacation(on the trainer again!). I feel like this will give me more confidence so that I can do it outdoors when the weather gets warmer again. I currently don’t know where my FTP is and I will be doing an FTP test soon. Do you think if I take October as the off season, will I be able to do that 20+ hour week in mid November? what plan should I follow for that?

For next season, I don’t have any other goal other that getting more miles in. I would also like some off season and training recommendations

At 18, you should be able to physically handle 20 hours a week. That’s not untypical for a serious competitive endurance athlete in the late teens and 20’s. But it would be insane to do all that on a trainer! And, 20 hr/wk plus school means that is all you are doing. Unless you are super serious about a high level competitive cycling future, living that kind of monk like live will break you.

If you have not already, join a club and find people to ride with, preferably your age. Having buddies to share the pain and log miles with makes riding and staying motivated and on track a thousand times easier. Plus you’re in college. You need cycling friends to drink (lite) beer with and who will understand why you have to be home for bed at 10:00 :wink:

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Well, I am having a week off this mid November so I would like to give it a try! but the weather won’t be so nice to ride outdoors. It does seem odd to do it on the trainer but the thing is I just need to unclip and then I am done and I can do this safely instead of riding too far in cold weather and getting my bottles frozen which doesn’t seem like a good idea. I ain’t gonna be doing 20 hour weeks always lol so I got some social life aswell!

I did join a club but it didn’t gain anything from it(other than a free jersey) as I wasn’t committed to joining a group ride early morning.

I might have to follow a low volume plan so that I can be consistent is what I think would work for me.

I’m sure you can do a 20 hour week if it’s a week off where you can get plenty of sleep and recovery. Just do it all in Z1-2, and make sure you take it easy the following week until you’re fully recovered. Pretty boring doing it indoors, hope you have some good series or movies you’ve been wanting to watch!

Overall I would focus more on consistency. There’s a reason that all the plans have a recovery week every 4-6 weeks, and it’s because it’s a necessary part of the training cycle. Recovery time is when you actually give your body time to adapt to all the work you’ve been doing and get stronger. Skip those weeks by doing Zwift races or HIIT sessions and you will burn out or at least hit a plateau because you’re not recovering enough.

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Zwift on a 100% sim mode would do the job for me.

Regarding consistency, it went like this. I finished the second block of sweet spot base high volume in winter and then came the recovery week. I had plans to ride outdoors so I did a 2 hour ride and so on. I think I ended up doing 9 hours of riding that week. Not sure how a low volume plan is going to go. I will start a low volume sweet spot base plan this September to see.