Build & Specialty plans during summer?

New TR user here. Almost done with SSB LV1, looking to start SSB LV2 in early March. I plan to do group rides with my cycling club. Is it advisable to combine Build/Specialty phases with group rides?

Edit: Some days might end up doing being double days. I also play tennis during the summer, and I’m wondering if all this load is a bit too much

Do not do “double days”, in general.

  • The basic suggestion is to keep 1 or 2 of the harder TR interval workouts (usually the Tuesday and Thursday workouts) and do them outside.
  • Then simply let your outside rides replace the other ones in your plan.
  • You want to avoid adding too much stress into your plan, so dropping a few TR workouts in favor of the outside rides is the most common approach.

I don’t have a power meter, since I don’t race. It wouldn’t be possible for me to do those workouts outside.

Sure, so you simply ride outside.

If you want, you can estimate the TSS using the tools in TrainerRoad. That can be done manually by simply entering an activity (ride) or assigning a TSS from an imported ride as taken from Strava, Garmin Connect, etc.

Don’t add a hard interval workout on top of an outside group ride, just because that is where you have power measurement. That will likely lead to overload.