Build makes me blow up!

Hi. Every time I do Sweetspot Base och Triathlon Base program I will end up with a higher FTP.
And when I move forward to Build, I always blow up!
I do the Low volume.
Any one more than me with this problem?

How are you setting your ftp?

Specific workouts or the Build plans in general? How much does your FTP rise by? What happens if you try the SSB or TB plans again with that new FTP?

It might be that you are biased towards Sweet Spot or similar and struggle on VO2, etc.

If you are blowing up in build, specifically in the over-unders, it’s almost certain that one of the following is true:

  • Your FTP is set too high
  • You aren’t eating enough
  • You are doing too many high intensity rides outside of the plan


First week in Build is always hard but i can complete the Workouts. The struggle starts Week 2, and week 3 is just week full of pain and failed workouts!
I also do 3 runs, 2 swims and 3 strength workouts.
I have also started working night shifts and will do so until february.
Maybe its just too much stress on my body ?

You’re doing too much


Dude you are over training! The body has to have recovery in order for you to see gains. Time takes Time my friend! Good luck!

You should probably be dropping the strength workouts down to maintenance level, probably 1 session a week at most.

I’d start there.