Build done - summer is coming

Hi all,

Believe this will be first time I will be finishing base + build. Last years due to various reasons I did not finish the program, eg moving to outside riding, injuries, demotivated by too tough vo2mx build sessions etc. Pretty sure AT made it work now and prepared me well for summer.

I will be finishing build in mid april just before my planned event. Summer still has to start. I don’t have any specific events planned this year. As from May - until Sept I will be riding more outside and the focus is still to increase sust power (for these outside summer rides). I would like to continue with the indoor plan, but don’t know what to do.

Any recommendations? U recommend to move to base again after my event mid April? Do a specialty or further build?

Many thanks

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It all depends on goals.

If you had a big late summer goal, you might do a rest, build, peak type of periodization for the event.

If you just wanted to be fit all summer and do group rides, you could just maintain - maybe one interval session, plus easy endurance and then your weekend of riding. Maybe an overall lower volume and try to come into each weekend fresh. Rinse, repeat. I did that last year and held my fitness for two months before I was feeling burned out.