Bug? FTP marker in ride view

I think the FTP marker that was on top of the white line in the ride graph is gone. It was very useful to see what my FTP was in a previous workout. Is it a bug or only on my side?

I was just about to post a topic on this. Clever that the forum suggest a similar topic.
Anyway I’d like to see this back too.

You used to be able to see on the ride page what FTP the session was done at.

Hey Barfeg,

If I remember correctly, it used to say FTP=XXX in the red box, is that right?

It appears that the design team has removed across the board, but it may have been an oversight with the latest update. I’ll check in with them on it :+1:

I just spoke with Design and that is in fact a bug that was introduced during recent updates. No ETA on when we will have that resolved, but it is on our immediate To-Do list :slight_smile:


Thanks Bryce!