Broadband drop out?

Yesterday and today the workouts have suddenly paused and I lost connection to my devices using the App on Win10.

We think we may also have had broadband dropouts to the house/TV.

Should the app continue to run without an internet connection whilst using the App on a PC?


Yes - I’d be surprised if you issue was related to your internet dropping, since you can effectively use TR completely offline once you’re logged in. Sounds more like you lost Ant+/Bluetooth connectivity for a while.


Ok thanks.

I’ll ask support, I’ve not changed anything on my PC recently.

Just thinking, there has been one change… I was using new Apple Air Pods on both occasions which I’ve never used before…they were connected to my phone whilst my pedals and HR monitor were connected to PC via Ant+ dongle.

Doubtful to be the issue?

Never used Air Pods tonight and never got any drop outs… strange.