Brighton cycling uk

Hello all,

Got to go up to Brighton from the next couple of night days for work (essential worker)

As can’t even go out for a meal as normal and the weather is looking good thought I’d chuck my bike in the truck and get out for a few miles in the evening!?

Can anyone give any local knowledge or route suggestions? Looking for 30-40 miles

Looked a few suggestions on Komoot and devils dyke sees to be popular?

Any tips much appreciated

Where are you coming from that Brighton is ‘up’?

Ditchling Beacon is a must for that area and Devil’s Dyke makes for some scenic views. You probably won’t go too far wrong sticking to the coast too.

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Two words.
Ditchling Beacon.

Thanks I’ll check out ditchling beacon, coming up from Cornwall

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I’d recommend the strava route planner, if you have summit. Good to see a fellow Cornishman on here.

Hello, yeah thanks plotting a route on there

Shame to disappoint, I’m a Scot! :joy: been in Cornwall for 8 years

Might be too late for you but for reference: Group Rides — Brighton Tri Club

Those are the routes we use for group rides. Many featuring Devil’s Dyke and Ditchling Beacon.