Bought a pain cave and want to pick your brain on how to equip it

I’ve spent a lot of time on this place over the last 6 months and thankfully here in Melbourne, AU it’s getting warmer as well.

For context on the size of the screens, the bottom one is 50". I’m also able to move them around as they are on wheels - which leads me into the next point.

Over the next month or so the garage will have more equipment as well, including the Concept 2 - which arrived last week. Then the weights are coming.

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You can fit the bike inside the lifting rack and flip the bike up when youre lifting.

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You need fans even in a cool basement. My basement is in the 50’s in the winter and without a fan I can’t do anything past petit

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What tv stands did you get? I have an older 42” plasma I am going to use for TR and on BF get a 50” 4K for Zwift.

It’s from here -

I did have to drill the holes and add extra mounts etc for the bottom TV. Worked a treat though.

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Does anyone have experience with the waterrowers and Nohrd equipment? We are building a new pain cave for my wife and I. We’re going with some emphasis on the atheistic vs. pure function (e.g. no squat rack).
In addition to my TR/Kickr Core setup we’ll end up with a Peloton Bike and Tread but are trying to think about the other equipment. I think we’re going to need to get in the waitlist line if we have any hope of getting anything even though construction in our basement won’t be complete for another six weeks.

So anyone have experience will Nohrd wallbar, Nohrd slimbeam and the waterrower?

Will share progress pictures once there’s something to show.

For strength training, look at Tonal. Sort of the Peleton of strength training. It doesn’t have group classes, but does have guided workouts.

I’ve only had mine for a week or so (after a 3 month lead time), but I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of it.

The waterrower is fine. My gym has a couple and they work great. The Concept2 is the gold standard, but looks pretty industrial (which it is, I guess). I prefer the Concet2 myself, but the water rower is definitely more furniture like and room friendly.

Frank Underwood used a waterrower so it must be good :slight_smile:

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If it wasn’t considered rude, I’d put this in all capital letters: ONLY ONE GUY (dprimm) MENTIONED ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS! That is NUMBER ONE. Windows don’t help. Basement doesn’t help. ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL is NUMBER ONE. A mini-split for example, makes sure you can control temperature and humidity. CRITICAL. All that other screen stuff and even fans come second to the environment. I can have fans on at maximum levels (I use three–big conventional head-on and two Laskos) but if my temperature and humidity aren’t right, I cannot perform the workouts correctly (all other variables remaining constant). Even a window air conditioner is helpful. I have a mini-split with a remote and I make sure I drive down the temperature and humidity before every workout and it makes a huge difference. My wall art with Giuseppe Saronni is cool, but it doesn’t make the VO2 Max intervals go better like my Mitsubishi mini-split!

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Concet2 is the way to go unless noise is an issue like for myself living in a city and having to think about my neighbours.
On the other side, the water rowing machines are quiet and will never cause neighbours to complain. The downside is that you need to add/remove water to change resistance, which is a problem in a public gym, but you don’t do this at home.

Thanks - noise not an issue. Adding/removing water is non-starter. I’ve got zero interest in dealing with that. Concept2 seems like the only real option for me then if I go for a rower.