Bought a pain cave and want to pick your brain on how to equip it

Long story short, I bought a very expensive pain cave. :star_struck:

The room will have a rectangular footprint (25 sqm) with two big windows. I am completely flexible in terms of flooring and walls.

I figured I would fill it with my bike, a treadmill, and a lifting rack.

How would you go about it? Any mistakes to avoid. Any regrets not to make? Any fancy stuff to get?

Existing threads for inspiration (if you haven’t looked at them yet).


Cheers mate! I have looked at them and found tons of inspiration. Some folks really nailed it.

With this thread I am more after the lessons learned and desires of the community. :grin::wink:

While I am at it. What’s your view. Any musts or regrets?

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Apps & Entertainment:

  • Large screen TV (40" in my case) + smaller screen for side apps (24")
  • PC to run several apps: TR, Z, music, web for browsing
  • Wireless mini keyboard for PC control and browsing
  • External speakers for riding when the house is empty (loud 5.1 gaming setup).
  • Option for headphones to not annoy others in the house.


  • 3 Lasko Fans & remote controls for on/off, with extended levers on switches for flow control
  • Access to window for fresh and cold air, with one fan ducted directly to it.


  • Wheel off trainer of your choice with a front wheel using a air-free foam insert to eliminate air pressure maintenance.
  • Motion platform of your choice (I love my E-Flex for Kickr, other rocker options for my other trainers)
  • Dedicated trainer bike that stays on all the time, includes aero bars for keyboard mount and aero training options and just different position for long rides.


  • Large table next to the bike/trainer. Used to hold small boxes of food, spare drinks, facial tissue, sweat towels, extra headbands, etc.
  • Dry erase board for notes about stuff to do that somehow comes to mind on the bike, but I can’t do anything about at that moment.
  • Small fridge to have cool drinks or even ice packs to place in jersey pocket for cooling.

Edit to add pic for reference:

That’s what comes to mind right off the bat.


Great suggestions. For the screens/viewing, I have a 40" TV, but its position is a little too close so I have a hard time having my neck in a good bike position while also being able to see the screen. That’s something to keep in mind when one is setting up the room. I will be rearranging this fall/winter to make the room layout a little more conducive to neck position.


Insulation! Climate control! Especially with the windows. How are you heating/COOLING the place? I would go with a mini-split specifically for the room so you can set the temp just for that area.


Flooring: In my previous house I used the rubber mats from Tractor Supply (in the US). Very inexpensive and firm enough that trainer legs / weight bench legs did not leave permanent indentations. The only downside was the rubber odor, it never quite went away (though with windows you may be able to vent the odor out, my pain cave was a windowless room in the back corner of the basement.)

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I’m a big fan of the multi screen setup so you can be really flexible from ride to ride. I’ve got a 42" in front of me, a 32" just off to the side and a dedicated Trainer Road iPad. Both TV’s are connected to separate Apple TV’s. I’ve got all my Apps on both TV’s and can mix and match depending on what kind of ride i’m doing. I have toyed with the idea of getting a computer to run all of it, but still on the fence right now…

-EZ TR ride: I’ll have TR running on the iPad plus a movie or You Tube on in front of me and Zwift off to the side.

-Hard intervals: TR on the iPad, Zwift in front of me and Spotify on the side TV connected to a Sonos Beam.

-Zwift only ride. Zwift in front of me, music or podcast on TV to the side.

-I’ve even Airplayed my work laptop to one of the Apple TV’s and done conference calls/webinars with Zoom/Google meet while on the bike (just don’t tell anyone!).

Basically I just like having lots of options to keep myself engaged while grinding away on the trainer!

Scenes from yesterdays threshold intervals.


The room will be in the basement and will have floor heating.

I would assume the windows plus the basement location should do the trick for cooling. The floor heating for heating. Shouldn’t it?

That’s a really good suggestion!

We share that secret. Doing the same with the day to day teams calls. :joy:

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Ah, the pain cave you bought comes with a house on top. Good work. :+1:


Cheers mate. If you ask the misses, yes. Though I can’t think of much else than paincave, paincave, paincave. :joy::sweat_smile:


I recently did a version 2 of my pain cave. Originally, I worked within the current room. With the revision, I added wall to wall rubber, wrap around shelving, moved outlets around to make sure power was placed optimally and added some fans, including a tailwind!


Do you mind if I hijack this thread?

I would like to extend this question to people like me having very limited space. Is there something everyone needs to have? Other than a Yoga mat and a foam roll I don’t have anything. I am thinking about getting resistance bands, some kettlebells?


I got a set of Bowflex Select-tech dumbbells and stands. Pretty versatile and takes up only a couple sq-ft of floor space.


If you’re mounting a TV on the wall to watch while riding, take your time deciding on the height. You’ll want to mount it lower than you’d think so you can watch without giving yourself a sore neck while you’re on the bike. Also, Concept 2 rower if you have the space :).


I think a legit pull up bar. You can do a lot with body weight exercises. pushups, pullups and core.


Not disagreeing in principle, but I did raise my TV 2.5 inches in my update. With the rocker plate, I was looking down at the TV and I like it better at normal eye level, like what I would expect outside.

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Totally, some people put it on the floor and and angle it up, which I get is more comfortable, but you’re acclimating yourself to not looking ahead. It’s about finding that middle ground where you can see it comfortably while in the hoods AND the drops where your eye-line would be while riding outside, my comment was more that when I was off the bike, I thought my eye-line was higher than it actually was, and I had to lower the TV.


Good call on the Concept 2 Rower. I picked one up over the summer. Great addition to my pain cave.

20-30 minutes on it before lifting weights makes for a solid non-bike session.