[Book] The Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training

Anyone got this book already? I’m through with most sections I’m interested in, definitely have to go through a few more times.

A lot of the basic methodology section can be found in the two previously published review papers by the atuhors (fulltext can be found on the web), still sort of interesting.

I’m a little bit disappointed of the cycling chapter. Not really world shattering new info. And somehow several sections are not really clear with the distinction of “long intervals” and Type 1 & 2 targets.

And by the way, probably every endurance sport chapter says that elites DO NOT avoid the mid-zone :slight_smile: Yes, polarized because most endurance sports require a solid aerobic base but polarized in the sense of lots of LIT and not so much MIT/HIT. And the focus will vary according to season and sport.

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