Bone to pick with Ride Goal narratives

I recently changed to a Polarized plan, which I’m loving! My one “gripe”, is that so many of the rides have half azz ride goal narratives. It’s like they put the unpaid intern in charge, on a Friday afternoon before a 3-day holiday. Many of the rides have no ride goal narratives; and others are just copy pasta of the ride description. I can understand that the long endurance ride narratives are pretty repetitive, and the goals are generally the same. But I kind of expect Threshold rides to have an actual Goal description?

This is something I noticed specifically when I changed to the Polarized plan, so I’m not sure what correlation there is. I’m sure the majority of riders probably pass right over the goals; but I like reading them, and find them educational.

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Keep in mind that the TR POL plans are still in the “experimental” status. AFAIK, they had to add a number of workouts to the library for these plans specifically.

I suspect these will see some refinements if when these developer further and become fully official in the future. Totally worth updating them, but I understand the lack of full detail at this time.