BMX Vet Pro Racer, finds Zwift

I’ve been watching Barry’s channel for months, related to my return to BMX.

  • Interestingly enough, he has stepped into the indoor training world of trainers & Zwift. The one video below is interesting for his Ramp test, and the sprint work later.
  • It’s also interesting because his end goal of this 12 day VLOG segment is to knock out an imperial century. Watching to see how it goes for him with minimal training leading into it.
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Homeboy needs to find his chain lube!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Like the old school Miyata w/ 600 Ultegra, though!! :sunglasses:

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Yeah, there are some funny bits with what I know vs what a BMX focused rider has in the bag :stuck_out_tongue:

They guy could snap a gate twice as fast as me with one leg, not to mention rip a track in ways I can only imagine. He’d probably laugh hard at all the BMX stuff I am discovering or relearning. Both coming from very different directions, that is for sure.

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