Bloody tech! It's so needy

I’ve been forced to ride inside a fair bit this winter. Normally my happy place is roaming the hills on my trusty bikes with only a squirt of oil necessary from time to time.

Inside though! A list:

Power meter battery case issues, one side then the other drops out frequently (Verve infocrank uuugh!)

Phone (Samsung) 6 weeks of troubleshooting with the amazing TR team, failed to get this to communicate properly with PMs.

GCN app: regularly freezes and restarts. Never get to watch a whole race without some issue or another.

Phone into external speaker: jack plug socket faulty.

Phone, Bluetooth headphones, PMs, HR strap, Garmin, all need to be charged/batteries changed.

It’s exhausting!
Roll on spring. A bike, a pocket full of food and nature provides the entertainment.

I feel your pain ,:confused:

I currently run a really simple set up (not using TrainerRoad app). I complete my “indoor” workouts outside, under shelter at the back of my house. So I have a set of rollers and run workouts straight off my Garmin. Nothing to plug in at all. Wireless headphones as well. Takes me only 2 minutes to get ready to start, which is a real plus. Only time I plug something in is when I run a fan in warmer weather. Regarding things like charging devices, planning ahead is everything. That’s one of the benefits of running a structured plan!

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Haha, yeah it’s a reason I gave up on lots of it. Now using rollers, PM and a garmin.

Also simplifying my entertainment, just listening to music, because the constant need to click refresh on my computer was doing my head in.

Maybe if you have a dedicated pain cave setup it all works, but for me the tech was getting in the way of actually training.

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snap - and we were replying at the same time!

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I do love the rollers and music. It’s become my default. Still have to mess around with the PM batteries though. Such a fragile construction on the Verve. I’ve got a P2max on the cx bike that you could ride over a land mine and it’d still work.