Block Training for breaking FTP-plateau

Has anyone had success breaking through an FTP - plateau using the block training method (3 or 4 days of consistently hard work and then 3 or 4 days of easy work and/or taking a few days off)? If so, any advice on implementing in TR is welcome. Thanks!

I suspect that any significant change to your training will have an effect. It’s often mentioned on the podcast about the body adapting to stress. I saw good gains moving from the original Sweet Spot plans to Polarised.

So long as you don’t overdo things and get good rest then it could work. Just don’t pick all your workouts to be level 10!

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Over current year my blocks have been strongly tilted toward base (TBHV + POLHV with ~95% Z2). I’ll try to break ceiling by adding half of Rolling Road Race HV specialty plan (4 weeks) at the beginning of next year. It contains mostly VO2max workouts and let AT take it to the max.

With current PL it looks something like:

Alternative could be block periodization, see Dylan Johnson video on this topic.

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