Block periodization. What comes after the 6 week block?

I wanna try block periodization. My question is, after my 6 week block of
Week 1 : 5x VO2 Max
Week 2-6 : 1x Vo2 Max and 4x Easier workouts.

What after? Can I do block periodization back to back to back all year? Just keep adding 6 week blocks?

Thanks in advance.

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Polarized Training with Stephen Seiler, PhD | EP#177 That Triathlon Show

I think you may have meant to post this on the Dylan Johnson Polarised vs Sweet Spot thread… (cc @mcneese.chad )

I’d read Joe Friel’s book if you want to learn about periodization schemes.

Yeah, this is some kind of mess. I won’t do anything without more direction, but it sure seem to be different than what I suspect was intended.

Hi Chad

I meant to create a link, but copy the whole post from the search.

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Thanks for the 2% reductions :slight_smile:

Yeah, please edit to get just what you wanted. There’s so much above, I have no idea what really belongs.

Not sure about the 2% reductions (maybe I’m missing it in the weeds above)?

Errrrr… Pretty sure that wasn’t meant to answer my question. Very confused. I think indeed it was meant for another thread

I meant this link, i have edited out the rubbish from my incorrect posting

Polarized Training Workouts & Experiences (80/20)

I think Gurk is referring to this video or a similar discussion. They have discussed it on Ask a Cycling Coach.

@gurk700 It seems like this block is followed by a taper and then an event. I don’t know if this is the best think to do in the winter but some people respond to this kind of training very well and if you are into a science experiment then I don’t see a problem.

Dylan’s version is also known as crash training. Chad’s version is a bit more relaxed.

There are studies on this showing big gains. I think the Rønnestad study is probably the most famous.

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Ahh gotcha. It sort of fits because I wanna be 85% fit for occasional PR year round instead of preparing for specific race events or anything like that. I would love to race but I don’t think we’re gonna be there yet in 2021, sadly.

I think one of the most successful years in my bike career was 2018 where I mostly did VO2max intervals on trainer 3 times a week and recovery / endurance rides outside couple times a week with occasional PR hunting when I felt good or did 2 VO2max rides instead of 3 on a week.

I saw big gains and my FTP was highest it’s ever been at ~280. Too bad I wasn’t 65kg back then lol