Blanking end for hydraulic hose

Just wondering if any folks on here could offer any advice. I have a road bike with internally routed brake hose which are hydraulic. Last time I stripped the bike and rebuilt it I replaced the hose - not that much of an issue but bleeding the caliper afterwards was a 'mare. :grin:

So I’m now looking at stripping and painting the frame and build it back up. So couple of questions have come up.

If I take the hose out of the caliper and lever do I just need new olives afterwards or do I need to cut it and put new barbs in too? It’s shimano BH59 I think. :grin:


Is there anyway to leave the hose in place and blank off the ends with some kind of cover to stop the oil from getting everywhere? :thinking:. Whilst I fanny about with spray cans?

I thought about leaving the bars on and the caliper attached in a bag but it’d just be too cumbersome.

In plumbing you get compression fittings called stop ends that can be fitted to copper pipes or plastic. Is there anything similar for shimano hoses or has anyone found a work around. :grin:.

Thanks for any pointers on this… :grin: :+1:t2:

I’ve even thought about a blob of hot melt glue over the end…