Blank screen when opening workout

LOL WE NEED THOSE! :sweat_smile:

As aforementioned, we’re asking for athletes who are still experiencing this to save ride logs and send in to before deleting so that developers can keep gathering information of why this is still occurring in outlying examples.



I cannot even find a folder called “trainerroaddata”

Its tricky and can vary based upon device. Write and they’ll explain it!

Write and they’ll explain it!

I have. Twice today.

The team has eyes on your ticket and will reply in a moment! Sorry for the delay.

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound frosty. This is a little problem which I know will sort itself out.

Off to bed it can wait until tomorrow.

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Another update now released. It did NOT autoupdate after relaunch. I uninstalled app on MacOS and reinstalled from download page. Works correctly now.

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Are you on Big Sur, by chance? If so, this (the application not relaunching after update) is a known issue with the framework (Electron) that we use. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad to hear that the blank screen issue is no longer happening for you! Thanks for your patience.

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I updated on Windows tonight and the extra blank screen was still present, but otherwise worked fine (I made the mistake of trying to close the blank window which took out the whole thing and I had to restart though).

Update on the black screen issue:

We’ve released an update that should fix this issue. :tada:

If you’re not on the latest version, you should see a banner appear to install the update (the banner turns green when it’s ready to be installed - wait for that green banner).

  • If you’re on Windows, select “Restart Now” or it’ll install automatically after re-launching the app.
  • If you’re on Mac, you’ll need to select “Restart Now” in order to install the update.

You can confirm you’re on the latest version if you see this app version (or 2021.02.0) in the release notes upon launch (you can also verify app version from the bottom of the “Support” tab of the app):

If you’re still having issues after updating, shoot us a message at, and we’ll look into it right away.

Thanks for the help getting this one squashed ya’ll!


YAAYYYYY thanks, Nick! :metal:

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Has this been totally resolved? I ran the update and have had two workouts freeze as they upload…program freezes right after completion as the window pops up with the completed workout. Have to ctrl/alt/delete to get out bu the workout uploads fine.

We think we have it sorted.

It sounds like you may have experienced a different issue. The original issue was while the workout was initially loading - not after it was completed.

The Team will dig into your workout logs and follow up with you via email.

We’ll be in touch tomorrow!


I’m seeing the black screen now. Unable to do today’s workout now.

Version - 2020.36.0.92035

Uh oh! Can you check in with the support team?

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Hi Ivy,

I uninstalled and reinstalled the beta and it’s working again.

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