Black Screen of death

I was using a Samsung Note 10 succesfully and then when pairing deviced not only did it show my dual sided stages power meter but both individual sides. Next thing the indvidual side disappear and then come back again.
Trying to use the software it no longer behaved like it was on erg, but the power varied like it was on resistance, and with out the cadence changing the power went to half of what it had been. Gave up on the tablet.
Started using a laptop , quite succesfully to start with, but then last night I’m on the second interval in Tunnaborra and the screen goes black. Some how the file saved. Reloaded tunnabora again and 10 minute in the screen goes blank again, this time the file is lost .
So tempting fate , I load Tunnabora this morning and get half way through the first interval and get the black screen of death again, and file lost.
Not Happy Jan

Have you contacted for help with these issues?

The Tablet issue yes, I responded to the suggestions 3 ago days with

'G’day, thanks for getting back to me.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Trainer road on the Samsung Note 10.

I got into the stages app, and updated some software on both sides and then linked the left and right side.

I opened Trainer road on the samsung note 10. and to start with there was just the power meter, kicker, and heart rate strap in the devices field. And them each side showed up in the devices field as well, so it was showing 5 devices, and then two stages would disappear and then come back.

yes horrifying

So i started doing Pettit, and it was like the erg wasn’t functioning, it was trying but not really succeeding. the power reading would drop, but the cadence didn’t which was confusing. So I bailed after 21 minutes.

To help with the diagnosis, I started Trainer Road on the laptop, and started a new Pettit, the paired devices screen only showed the one power meter, one kicker and one heart rate strap. And the erg function behaved itself.

You can find them under my user name Fishmagnet

This erratic behavior has only just started recently.’

But have had no response, and followed up today with,

'Hi, had no response to the above.

so I swapped to an old pc and started doing tunnabora yesterday and half way through the second interval the screen goes blank, still laid on the pedals but just a black screen. Shut down trainer road and somehow the file saved. Reloaded another Tunnaborra to start again and sure enough half way through Tunnabora the screen goes blank. Worse the bit i had done wasn’t saved…

Did Tunnabora again today and same deal black screen file not saved’.

Any way , about to try again with a different laptop.

So I may have a clue as to what is going amiss.

So took my gaming laptop into the pain cave and opened trainer road, and when I went to pair devices there was wahoo kicker and wahoo kicker 2, 3 stages power meters, (the linked one , the left one and the right one) and the garmin heart rate strap.
Tried to do Tunnabora for the 4th time and the power was all over the place.

It wasn’t looking good, and then I thought what would happen if I turned the laptops bluetooth off!

After doing so, there was one wahoo kicker, one stages power meter, and one garmin heart rate strap.

I can now report that Tunnaborra was completed successfully, with the erg function behaving as it should.

Hope this helps, though not sure how the black/blank screen comes into all this.