BioPsycoSocial training. Finally we can enjoy training together again because...Science 😆

Listened to a podcast the other day (sorry, can’t remember which one), about how the way Kenyan runners train. By having the support of their group, athletes are able to train to a higher level.
Of course scientists love to label things so the terms: Bio - body, Psyco - mind, Social - group, have been applied.
So now if you want to go enjoy a ride with your mates, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’re doing cutting edge science/traditional methods. Choose your term, but as is often the case, they’re fairly interchangeable.

Tongue in cheek post, I’m in a naughty mood, but it is actually how I’ve always tried to train. Group sessions have always allowed me to dig so much deeper and now there’s a fancy term to describe it.
Long live the Sunday club run!


Well I think you are on to something. I see so many comments about just wanting to go ride outside with my friends, but worried about impact on training plans. In my area, we have a couple group rides during the week, but on weekends, we agree on a structured workout. Those are always the best workouts as far as pushing yourself cause everyone in the group is doing their best to hit their numbers for x amount of time. And then when the work is done, we have fun putting in some zone 2 together. In other words, I don’t see groups and structured training as an either/or. It can be both if you get like minded folks to be a part of your group.

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