Bike security/theft prevention

Our old house had a separate garage and I was scared to store my bikes in there. It was a PITA but I kept them in the basement under the house.

What I used to think about building was a hidden storage closet inside the garage. Set up some kind of false wall with a hidden door camouflaged by garden tools…

My other idea was storing the bikes in the rafters, hoisted by a pulley system.

I think you’d at minimum need cameras plus an alarm as deterrents. The cameras make them think twice about breaking in because they have already been caught on camera. The blaring alarm hopefully encourages them to run away immediately after they break in…

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We’ve also got a dog with a loud-ish bark :slight_smile:

I thought about putting all mine in a super conductive mesh cage and running some serious voltage through it. Lazer turrets, shark pits, mine fields and all sorts ran through my mind after the event. :slight_smile:

What was annoying was how easily they had simply snipped through gold secure D locks as if they were made of string.

Motion detecting flood lights are also good - light em up, make their ears hurt and its an environment they won’t want to be in…

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If anyone is interested the Hiplok Airlok Duo pack in grey has been reduced to £200 from £270 for Black Friday.

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