Big Fodderstack and trainer mode

Hello! Looking at doing Big Fodderstack and in the instructions it says the following:

What is slope mode? Is it “resistance mode” in the settings? And is the recommendation to use ERG mode and change for the “Strength Sprints” or should the entire workout be done in resistance mode?

I have only ever used ERG mode and don’t know what to expect without it and don’t want to screw the workout up as it looks “fun”.

FYI I’m using a Neo 2T. I haven’t had it long, and come from a Flow Smart wheel-on trainer.

Thanking you!

I love those types of workouts too :+1:.

Yeah, he means switching over to resistance mode immediately prior to the sprint and then back to Erg mode after. I don’t bother changing over to resistance mode for sprints like that. I just watch the countdown and wind it up once it gets to ‘2’. The resistance usually kicks in at ‘1’. So if you go at ‘2’ you can get your cadence up nicely which helps deal with the surge in resistance. If you get the timing wrong, or get distracted and miss the count, it can be rough though :sweat_smile:.

Try it out for the first sprint and see how you get on. You can always switch to resistance mode for the later sprints.


Thanks @JoeCallan. That was a tough workout on tired legs before breakfast! :grin:

Unfortunately the w/o didn’t have instructions, so I just struggled at the bottom end of a decent cadence spending as much time in the TT position as I could until I got to these spikes. I left it in ERG for the whole workout. I hammered the cadence for the first one, which didn’t really work - it’s too short. For the second one I had a cadence around 95 leading into and didn’t increase leg speed, that worked in terms of the resistance, but the cadence was too high. For the third I missed the start due to wiping sweat off my head unit and almost ground to halt around 45rpm ha ha ha! I know now what to do though - basically, drop the cadence about 15secs before the interval and just try and grind away. No need for me to mess with swapping modes. The Neo can handle it. :+1:

I warned you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.

Seriously though, well done for getting through it. There’s kind of a knack to doing the sprints in Erg mode. Sounds like you’ll be ready for them next time around :facepunch:.

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