Better filtering/sorting when adding workouts [Feature Request]

I guess that should also not be so difficult to program since all the outdoor workouts must be marked as such already. :innocent:

Thank you!

Since this has mostly be added…

would it be possible to add one more layer for intervals?

I would like to see an option to filter intervals of certain length…
say vo2 max longer than 3 minutes
or sweet spot of of more than 10 minutes…

something like that…


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Ditto. Currently struggling to find progression in VO2 in particular.

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This is exactly my problem!

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Doesn’t seem to be an easy bridge from the 30/30 (which I don’t like at all) or the 1 min versions (Bluebell) to something like 90 seconds or 2 mins that is a “stepping stone” before the nastier 3 mins and longer ones. Might be there just aren’t any, but I thought there were some in that range in the past.

FWIW, the matthes family seems like a nice progression…
at least +1 and +2

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Good find, but they are all Stretch for me right now.

Emerald -3 is less intervals and lower PL.

Then this one, and its variants:


But I have only found these with some basic filters, doom scroll and watching the preview graph, followed by the details text to get these needles. Not ideal.

It can help to use “2-min” in the search field, but it misses any that are not exactly that. Also tough to know the “proper” term and format for things like 1.5-min vs 90-sec and such for ones that don’t have exact minute based intervals.