Better filtering/sorting when adding workouts [Feature Request]

When adding a workout to the calendar, I find the filtering and sorting options VERY limited. I think it would be useful (and relatively easy) to create better filters. For example, I’d like to see all workouts between X and Y duration, and between X and Y TSS or between X and Y intensity factor. The current filters often leave me paging and paging through workouts because, unlike people who have used TR for years, I don’t know the names of many workouts by heart.

But an even easier thing to implement, which would probably cover 80% of my needs, is the ability to sort the results. I think right now all results are always sorted alphabetically… but I find no value in that. I’d like to sort by IF, TSS, or duration. Adding that single sorting selection would be fantastic and make finding the right workout MUCH easier.


+1 on this. Would be nice to be able to say show me all the over-under workouts. Or show me all the workouts with 25 minute SS intervals, etc.

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Can you clarify exactly where and which app you are accessing this feature?

There are filter and sort features via the web that are likely the best and align with most of your requests. Mobile and Desktop may well differ and/or lack a bit in comparison.

I will add links to some searching info I shared in the past:

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I mostly use the calendar on the web. I see basic (checkbox-type) filtering options by Zone, Duration, Intensity, Intervals, Instructions, Workout Type, Custom, and Teams. But I don’t see ANY sorting options there.


If you search through the workout tab, instead of through the calendar, you can sort by IF, calories, duration, TSS, newest, or name. You can then add the workout to your calendar from the workout tab as well, once you find what you’re looking for.


@ajochen nailed it. Sorting is available via the workouts tab on the left, but not when adding a workout from the calendar.

So, the calendar has crippled functionality. I now would say that adding this to the calendar is EVEN MORE important. Since the calendar is touted as the center of the TR experience, and seems the logical/intuitive place to add my workout, I’d never have found that on my own if I hadn’t posted here!

  • Yup, as I covered in the links above.

Yes, but I didn’t analyze the link at the top very closely to see it was pointing to the workouts tab, so I missed that part. I saw that you had a sorting option available on those screenshots, but I couldn’t see that on my screen no matter what I did to the calendar.

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I’d like to see also outdoors filtering checkbox. For example, try to find longest tempo workout for which there is corresponding outdoor variant.


It would be very (VERY VERY VERY) helpful to add special filters for intervals.

I see intervals as a special kind of wo that may require their own filters.

For example…
I would like to search for intervals that are 2 minutes long and 115% ftp.

Right now I only can look for vo2 max wo, where is a mix of all kind of workouts and i have to enter to see the duration of the interval and the actual intensity…

with that…

thanks for reading


@Joelrivera , I moved your request under one of the existing ones.

As a work around, I wrote some guides that include using the text search on the web, to improve results a bit. Not perfect, but gets a bit closer and is available now.

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I see…

add this to masters, and run/swim features I guess…

:man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

I don’t have a separate list, but yeah… there are likely hundreds of feature requests if you really poke around. It’s one reason getting one done is a challenge, pure tracking prioritizing is a the first step and then acting on it… and so on.

Oh I know.

My point was in the sense that there are probably low hanging fruits that could add value, without probably changing much.

I imagine the wo have some metadata available that could probably be enhanced for people to search better…

in any case…

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AFAIK, all “requests” end up in the same system on the TR side. That is what I understand at least. Ivy (and Bryce before her) watched this category (and the “feature-request” tag) and usually acknowledged the idea and passed it along into whatever system they have.

One thing Nate mentioned about liking the forum for this purpose is to discuss the main request, possible alterations and other considerations. That isn’t required, but is lacking when requests go through the other avenue. At least it doesn’t get the “public” discussion, but it likely does for the internal TR process either way.

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Indeed, it is short, and no “official” TR rep here. I saw several threads about searching workouts, with slightly different aspects. Likely, I should merge some or all of them because they are very closely related.

Thanks for the bump! We are definitely working on some better visibility to filter by type for workouts that will help with this tons.

I think to speak to ‘low hanging fruit’, it’s important to acknowledge that there are so many good ideas that we’d like to add when considering feature requests internally. Ultimately, we have to prioritize these ideas based on how impactful they are to all of our athletes, and sometimes that means deprioritizing (or sometimes passing over a good idea), that IS good, in order to spend our development resources on something that will be more impactful immediately in helping athletes get faster.

Hope that context helps a bit. We’ve had a good winter (in terms of development) and we’re going to expand the engineering team over the next couple of months to help implement the ‘low hanging fruit’ feature requests.


Oh I get it…
As an outsider, what may look like a low hanging fruit, might turned into a nightmare scope creep because of reasons

I didn’t mean to offend the developers by calling this a low-hanging fruit. It certainly looks like one… but I have not clue


HAHA TOTALLY! All good, there definitely are things that seem easy from an outsider perspective that turn out to be actually really tricky to implement, but there are also big ole softballs that we want to be working on, too. Just thought I’d take the opportunity to explain how that works in terms of prioritization because there are a lot of athletes who get SUPER frustrated that we don’t implement the easy features. The team and I don’t get that vibe from you at all so no worries. You’re great, keep the suggestions coming! :metal:


Excellent suggestion. Is there any progress to be able to add a filter “show me only outdoor versions”.
It would be really helpful for all of us who look mainly at the outdoor versions, especially now with spring/summer coming up (at least around here) :slight_smile: