Best workout zones just to clock miles.... Tempo?

Is tempo best option to clock up as many miles as I can for a challenge I am doing. Also not in ERG? I am going to be riding outside when I can but the storms are stopping me being outside right now. We need to clock up as many miles on our bikes in 8 days as we can for charity.


Depends on the hours. Is your goal just miles or are you doing it for the training too? Sounds like you’re planning a lot, in which case mid-upper zone 2 is more likely. 90m or less a day and you might be getting up into tempo, but it won’t be sustainable over the whole week if your rides are much longer.

I use it for training but I am doing a charity challenge and we have to clock as many miles in a week. I want to be outside really as I actually know how many miles I have really done, but the storms mean I will be inside on the trainer. I dont want to train like this forever, but the other day I did 1:30 hours and it said I had only done 8 miles, if I was outside I know I would have done way more like 15 or 16 miles. I just want my team to win the challenge and make as much money for charity as we can - so more miles means more money this week if you see what I mean. I have 8 days starting today and I dont think with the weather I will get outside much - I don’t ride outside in the wind or torrential rain being a weener …

Check in TR app settings if “Wheel Circumference (mm)” is set correctly. Also, final distance depends on gearing and cadence during workout.

Do it on zwift… zwift miles appear to be much easier than TR miles :wink:


Thanks, settings are all cool I just want to work out what workout to do to clock the most miles I can we have to submit our rides to clock them…I also wonder if training in resistance rather than ERG would be better. Anyway thank you for your reply :wink:

coolio I will try that, really dont like Zwift with all those other riders zipping past me a huge speeds… I never seem to get it set up right, but I will give it a go. Thanks for your reply :wink:

If you’re doing a challenge based on miles then outside is the only place to do it.

yep I know, but I am not wanting to get blown off my bike … thanks for replying :wink:

Thanks everyone for your replies, I am off to get on the bike now, hopefully 40 or 50 miles outside tomorrow as the weather looks better, yay :biking_woman: :blush:

If hardware/software side is all set then it depends how much time you can allocate each day over this 8 day period and how fit you are. For example, i’m not too powerful but i just can keep going hours each day i.e. endurance (Z2) would be best for me. However tempo zone might burn me out if keep doing it too much over long days.

Cool, I just need to get up and get on the bike now and see where I get. Thanks for your help. I am just going to try endurance and see where I get for an hour or so, hopefully outside tomorrow if the weather is better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good luck :slight_smile:

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ERG in your biggest gear will get the most miles if your trainer or rear wheel are calculating distance.

Do only recovery/endurance workouts in erg mode in 53/11. It will be like going endlessly downhill for all your workouts. You’ll average 30+ mph the whole time.

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Yeah i would choose tempo on days your feeling good, zone 1/2 on days you’re not. You will get a training boost from this as well if you do enough, sort of like a DIY training camp, at home :slight_smile:

I don’t think you will burn yourself out if you do all tempo, but if you do hours and hours of tempo, you WILL have to take some time to recover after the week is over. Just like pros do post-training camp. If you don’t give your body time to bounce back, all that effort is wasted.

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coolio thanks for that info, all very helpful. I did an hour today just flat ride and it was not nearly as much as I would do outside but it is something so no worries. I hope all this extra training has a positive effect on my riding ability :smirk: :sunglasses:

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Coolio, I will do that…the more miles I clock, however I do it by whatever means, is a bit more money for the charity :sunglasses: :biking_woman:

I got a FulGaz trial with my Wattbike Atom. I’ve enjoyed using that over the past few weekends when the weather has been bad. You can pick a route of a certain distance.

that is a good idea, might give that a go. It’s all pretty boring training inside, but I can watch Netflix whilst cycling I suppose … thank you

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