Best way to extend recovery week due to injury

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Dealing with a deep cut on my shin that I got at the beginning of my rest week. I put in annotations for injury in my calendar for my rest week and my plan adjusted to remove all the workouts on those annotated days.

I am scheduled to start specialty phase next week, but really I need a week of lower intensity while the wound finishes up healing. What is the best way to do this with the software? Put in another annotation for injury and then use TrainNow to get some Endurance type workouts? Should I keep the specialty workouts on the calendar but then pick a different Endurance workout for those days with TrainNow or from the workout library? I don’t think I am supposed to manually delete workouts in the middle of a block, right? What is AT “expecting” in order to adapt appropriately for when I resume full-on training?


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Yes, especially considering you have over a week of travel and rest coming up after this week, pushing that specialty agenda when you aren’t fully healed won’t set you up for success later. The great news is, you can add that time off annotation for this week and insert chill TrainNow workouts, and your Progression Levels will still account for that work when you’re ready to return to training! You’ll be better prepared for that A event that way, but more importantly, you wont be delaying that healing process by pushing it.

Take it day by day, have honest check-ins with yourself about what you want to do versus what you’re ready for, and most importantly, consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or questions about being ready to ride and train.

Thanks Ivy - appreciate the feedback. I started ramping with some easy Z2 and will do some TrainNow to scale up to some more challenging zones before getting back on the Specialization phase hurt-fest :slight_smile:

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