Best Way to Calibrate Spindown Kickr Snap

Updated TR software. Updated Kickr snap firmware. Updated Wahoo ios app.

I have the Wahoo fitness ios app on my iphone - run TR software on a Mac. On the Mac I have Bluetooth and Ant+.

q1: Calibrate spindown using Wahoo/ios via Bluetooth or TR/Mac via BT/Ant+?
q2: Is there any difference using Bluetooth or Ant+ with TR on my Mac?


I think Wahoo spindown is plenty good for calibration.
Generally BT connection appears to be a lot more stable than ANT+, so if you have a choice, I’d stay with BT.

On the other hand, I use BT for Zwift and ANT+ for TR to run simultaneously.
If you race on Zwift, any readings dropouts will be super frustrating.

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Thanks. If I pair/calibrate using bluetooth/wahoo on iphone - then turn off iphone bluetooth - and turn on mac bluetooth and pair w TR - does the ios/iphone/wahoo calibration still hold true?

Kickr Snap user since December 2017. Every calibration I’ve ever done has been in the TR app on my Ipad. I now have a Quarq PM on my bike and the Kickr Snap and the Quarq track very close, within 2% of each other throughout the workout. I recommend doing spindown calibrations connecting via Bluetooth inside of TR. I don’t use the Wahoo app for anything other than firmware updates.

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