Best Use of White Space in My Year


I have been training for my first triathlon (sprint) in May since around October 19. I have a background in running but have become super interested (bordering on obsessed) with the world of triathlon and made big strides in my swimming and cycling since then, particularly after investing in a smart trainer and TrainerRoad subscription in the past few months.

However, I have recently found out that my job will be taking me out of country for six months from May, and so I am unable to attend this sprint triathlon. Obviously I am gutted, but to give me another goal I managed to enter a Marathon in April.

My question is how would you best use the time I have between now and May to develop as a triathlete? Despite entering the marathon, I still don’t consider it an ‘A’ race, but more a stepping stone and some experience before moving towards my main goal for 2021/22 - competing in half and full distance triathlons (the sprint was an initial stepping stone to this). And therefore I am reluctant to throw myself exclusively into marathon training as I am enjoying making progress with my cycling and swimming, and I definitely do not want to step away from this training. Should I use the time to focus on technique and form in all the disciplines?

Upon my return in October I plan to throw myself back into training again, although I expect difficulty and frustration having not being able to cycle/swim at all, or run any proper distance for six months. At the moment I guess I will conduct an extended base phase before pushing into build in the new year of 2021.

Thanks in advance, and I appreciate any ideas you can throw my way!


No option of taking your bike and trainer for an indoor setup?

Sorry should have specified. I cannot take anything other than my running shoes and a non-GPS watch. Will be difficult to get any distance in but will do what I can. But cycling and swimming are a no go I’m afraid.


While you are deployed (a guess based on your comments), you can also work on strength training. Might be able to sneak in a set of bands to work on the swim strength (they will fit inside your running shoes).

Thanks for the idea! I shall look into some swim/cycle specific strength training. Resistance bands are definitely something I could fit in my gear.

I’d probably try to do a lot of core work and stretching. You can’t do much to work on aerobic fitness, but you can build a body that can take a lot of training once you’re back.