Best training apps to use offline

What are the advantages of different apps if your training is mostly without an Internet connection?

Understand Trainer road works pretty much as it does on line. Any other good ones?

Just run the workout on your Garmin/Wahoo.

Hi, thanks for reply. I’m not asking how to use TR offline, though.

Interested in which apps work best off line.

What exactly do you want this app to do?

  • Are you wanting to follow workouts (manually, ERG control of trainer, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for workout and plan tracking?

The guide below is the defacto list with most options listed, but you may have to dig a bit to find which function offline.


I wasn’t suggesting using TrainerRoad. You can build workouts in Garmin Connect and load them to your device. If you have Training Peaks you can build the workout there and gave it synchronise to your Garmin device and when you switch it on that day you will be prompted to complete the workout. Really simple and all you need if you build your own workouts. The Garmin interface leads you through the workout and indicates time and targets.


Ah sorry. Thanks for suggestion, I’ll look into that.

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Thanks. Quite comprehensive!

From the comments rouvy looks a good option to download things in advance.

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how about taking a look at BreakAway: Indoor Training? (hit me up if there’s any queries)

Because of my odd life I had to use TR offline for nearly 6 months previously, I had to load up my calendar and plan properly but it worked absolutely fine and synced when I connected again. Nowadays you just can’t rely on AT or train now but if you like the platform I would stick with TR!

I think it is GoldenCheetah.

Just me or does that look pretty familiar… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: @Nate_Pearson

Thats an uncanny resemblance… also, the workout in the blurb… 8x4min at 120%… that would put me in the blackest of black holes