Best trainer Matt (or substitute)

Hey All!

Curious what you are using for your trainer matts? Looking for something quite, that also will be easy to clean.

Buddy of mine lent me his Wahoo Mat…I have yet to return it :slight_smile:

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I just use various yoga mats.

I bought a cheap exercise mat from amazon a while back. Been plenty happy with it.

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We have the Wahoo matts in the TrainerRoad office. They are super easy to clean and are great but I don’t see why a simple yoga mat wouldn’t work!

One reason a yoga mat might not work is the width. I have a good, long yoga mat that more than covers the length of wheel-on trainer + road or TT bike, but it is not wide enough to cover the feet of said trainer… and the rounded plastic feet of said trainer were lost about four moves ago, so it’s just exposed metal now… not good for hardwood floors. And cycleops no longer supports the Fluid2, which gives me a great excuse for a Kickr Core or similar! :laughing:

I would assume most of these trainer/treadmill mats are plenty wide enough, but it’s worth double checking before spending any coin.


I use interlocking garage floor tiles… Cheap and provide a good platform for the bike and trainer, they wipe clean AND THE BEST BIT is putting them down is like getting to do a giant adult size jigsaw puzzle.


To minimise vibrations, I’m using an anti-vibration washing machine mat:)

I’ve had a wahoo mat for about 3 years now. Its getting some rips and holes in it from my cleats where I put my feet down getting on and off the bike. Probably would be the case with any mat but seems like going a cheaper route might be better if its going to get torn up anyway.

Cheap storage box cover is what I use. Not as pretty as a mat but when doing maintenance to the bike quick and easy to clean afterwards


Recycle yo! :call_me_hand:

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My son’s car road carpet tile (and a towel)

I’ve been using a yoga mat. Like someone mentioned, the legs are off the mat, but mine aren’t too harsh on my floors. I also use the mat to do maintenance under my bike, so it’s got some oil stains that won’t come out (though I haven’t tried too hard to get them out). A black one wouldn’t show those too well though I imagine.