Best time for a week of aerobic volume?

I feel like I’ve heard it discussed on the podcast before, but in relationship to an “A” race, isn’t there a training protocol/theory that posits the best time to do a HUGE week of aerobic TSS is 4-6 weeks before an event, so you can realize the benefit?

Next week will be 6 weeks out from my “A” event, and I’m hopeful it won’t be canceled. Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on this, or if anyone uses this method.

Thanks :metal:

Basic training principles I would definitely want some lead time. Nothing concrete, but our club has monthly century rides from January thru June to prepare for the Davis Double Century, DeathRide, and other epic rides. I did 5 in 2016 my first season and in retrospect without power meter data that appears to have been a strong stimulus. Also helped that three were climbing centuries where I did a lot of tempo at low cadences. I’m even more convinced looking at 2017 with the benefit of a power meter, and the use of century aerobic boosters in the lead up to a double century.

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