Best sweetspot workouts for TTs?

Can any 10 and 25 TT riders recommend what they think are the most effective sweetspot sessions on TrainerRoad?? There’s a lot of them!! If you were to choose a few that you feel reap the most benefits, which would they be?
Thanks in advance

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Check out the 40k TT Speciality block: that should give you a good idea (and the order in which they progress).

Not a TTer but Antelope and it’s variations is all 10m blocks with aero position drills. Other workouts sprinkle them in too, maybe search workouts for ‘aero’ as there’s usually a mention in the description.

Buffalo is great as is Pendleton

I don’t think any sweetspot workouts are going to be particularly beneficial to 10 and 25 mile TTs in a specific way. They’ll help your aerobic base for sure, but as your power for those races is going to be 100-105% FTP, I don’t think it really matters hugely which sweetspot sessions you do.

I’d look at the workouts in the sustained power build plans. For 25 miles you want to improve your ability to hold threshold for long periods, so look at Gray or Mount Goode +2 for example.

For 10 mile, I find vo2 max workouts the most effective - from short on-off efforts like Baird+2, or longer efforts like Shortoff +4. These will really replicate the feelings you’ll get in the last 5 minutes of the race.

Maybe the best sweetspot workouts are the ones with the longer intervals, which force you to get used to holding your TT position for longer periods. But other than that, I’m not sure that one will reap particularly greater benefits than any other.

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