Best Racing Gravel Bike 2023-2024

Thats a great bike, buy it.

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Screaming deal…that is my setup now (Aspero w/ GRX 810) and it is great bike. $3300 is a great price.

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The only thing I wished is for it to be a little more comfortable. I have the split seat post found on Canyons already but it feels harsher than my road bike (Felt FR) with a solid post. However, coming from an aluminum frame, you may not notice. Probably my favorite bike though still

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Without deeply going into it, which of these gravel racing bikes have the lowest / longest geometry?

I.e. the longest reach for the lowest stack in a given size?

So many of them are “SUPER AERO” but start your bar stack 3cm above another bike, which would undo any benefits you’ve just achieved.

Agree with the split post for comfort.


Off the top of my head, the Aspero, 3T and Factor Ostro Gravel are all pretty long and low.

But that is definitely not a definitive list. I’m sure there are others that fit that description.

What’s that on the top of your fork and down tube? Assuming that’s helicopter tape or similar?

EDIT: And how do you like black satin?

I grabbed one in purple sunset, just…because…why not?

Buddy of mine has the purple sunset….not my taste, but it looks great, especially in the sun.

I am debating between the Áspero5 & the Ventum GS1.

@oldandfast I might have missed it, but what did you end up buying? The BMC?

Also depends a little on what your gravel rides look like. I came off a CX bike to a trek checkpoint, and the checkpoint was great over a long distance but felt sluggish to me on smooth gravel / road. Riding a canyon grizl now, and even with wide tires(45) vs the 38’s I had on the checkpoint most of the time, the canyon just feels like a snappier bike.

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Question on the Aspero 5. I plan on doing some flying with the bike. How tough is it to remove and re-install the bars with the integrated cockpit/cables? I’m a 5/10 in mechanic skill. No issue on the traditional, but the Madone disassembly just fell apart in my hands…

They ship them with the bars off, hoses still connected, and the bar off to the side of the bike. Would that be enough for you?

Putting that together is pretty easy.

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Been lurking on this thread for a while and thought I’d chime in.

I’ve been riding/racing a Lauf Seigla this season. It’s a great gravel race bike and I’d recommend it to anyone whose rides include a lot of rough terrain. I’ve owned gravel bikes with the SRAM/Rockshox gravel suspension fork, and IMHO the Lauf fork is far superior in every way for gravel and light trail use. I’ve used this bike for everything from competitive gravel racing to multi day bike packing (with a Tailfin rack) and it’s been fantastic, and the value proposition is hard to beat. To the poster concerned about “speed wobble”, the only time I’ve noticed any issue is with a heavy bag attached to the bars when bikepacking, and then it only occurs when you take your hands off the bars. Really a non-issue for normal riding.

With all that said, the Lauf definitely occupies the light singletrack-rough gravel side of the gravel spectrum more than the “could work as a road bike” side. Of course you can ride it on the road but the fork adds weight and both geometry and suspension reduce snap, particularly for out-of-saddle efforts. If you have any interest in aerodynamics this is also not your bike; the fork and down tube are both about as non-aero as you could imagine. Hence my interest in this thread; I’m at least curious about adding a more roadie-ish bike to the stable, albeit one that can clear at least 45mm tires….


If you can stretch it another 1,000 I would grab the Rival model. Less maintenance.

Yes. And + Enve MOG. I went a bit nuts


Whats the current thought on current gravel bikes that best for CX, anything other than Crux and SuperSix Evo that can handle a 45? So many are so long, low and slack, feel like they aren’t great between the tape.

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Have you seen the cockpits of TT bikes lately?

With wind tunnels becoming more available to cycling, it’s becoming apparent that most people are more aero when they’re narrow, not low.

Well, that’s probably the right answer.

The only reason to have a higher front end on a drop bar bike is if you can’t comfortably hold a flat hoods position or sit in the drops comfortably.

You can’t see aero mate.