Best Places to get Android App Development Training

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strange Q for a cycling forum …

… but i just did online courses. if you can program in other languages, its an easy switch.

I’d say look at the native languages tho, so you can produce for android and ios at the same time

I guess this could be classified as “training” :thinking:
Google has excellent documentation for Android, just go through the tutorials.
If you have chops in Java it will be a breeze.
If you have no programming experience at all, then you may have to adjust your goals.
Also, buy an old Pixel from, device programming really requires an actual device to be done right. The emulators are great, but nothing beats hardware.

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Hello, as per my suggestion you should watch tutorials on Youtube
See below useful links from youtube.

android app development tutorial for beginners

android app development

android development kotlin

Android Development Course

Android App Development Company

I think, YouTube is the best place for learning, but just for the beginning, at least you will be able to start.