Best connection options (Kickr Core, Garmin Rally Dual-sided, iPhone, Garmin 830)

Ok … just upgraded to Garmin Rally dual sided and want to take advantage of cycling dynamics. I used to connect via Bluetooth but cycling dynamics requires an Ant+ connection. My preference is to run the TrainerRoad app, and not necessarily use the Garmin head unit. But I’m struggling to figure it out without having to create some sort of dual recording method … please help

TrainerRoad will not record cycling dynamics. Two workarounds that immediately come to mind:

  • TR controls trainer and you also record with Garmin
  • push as outside workout and only use Garmin

Yup I do this on occasion with my Assioma’s if I want to look at Dynamics. You have to record on the Garmin to get that metric to populate in Connect.

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