Belgian Waffle Asheville 2020

Google search rides and gravel races in Asheville and surrounding areas. For me I have a friend in the area and he told me vittoria Terreno dry should be good (what I’m currently riding) but with that said I’m running the maxxis rambler either way.
They have tire options for each event on the website too

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Most of the gravel down south around lake summit and the surrounding mountains as well back up to DuPont and around lake cascade is less junky than the newer gravelled sections of Avery Creek Road.
I ride a CX bike with 32‘s everywhere, but wider tyres may make for a smoother ride.


I personally think, that this is too much $ for such an event. Especially since I am local and can ride the route at any time free of charge. I like to support the smaller local race organizers, which know the area better and also have an easier time to fulfill National Forest restrictions (200 rider maximum), which leads to much more challenging routes through awesome backcountry places.
If the route for BWR follows roughly what I posted earlier, expect some vehicle traffic on the course, since some of it goes thru places, which are heavily frequented on a nice weather weekend.

No, but that’s just me. That’s not only a lot for a race but if you factor in travel expenses, it’s just not interesting enough for me to justify it. That said, if I made more money and focused more on gravel, I bet the event will be well run with some great food and etc at the end.

100% Carsten. I signed up for the Dirt Diggler this year. I don’t have the endurance (or interest) in the longer stuff so 50 miles and plenty of climbing is good enough for me. Good on anyone who’s doing BWA or the Pisgah Monster Cross - the later is a true gravel race that will likely be tougher than the BWA (even with considerably less mileage) although, please do not quote me on that.

I love Pisgah Monster Cross and will do it again this year.

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Everything is getting expensive. If you weigh the cost with what you get, then no its not worth it (that goes for pisgah production races too). So if you like racing a bike, and want a big competitive field, you spend money. If you want a good deal and potential to make money, race the SE Gravel Pro class, if you want epic backcountry and a burrito go to bootlegger, if you want a road race with gravel sectors and a large field from all over the country, do BWR. If you like your money, grab the gpx files and go ride with your friends.


I totally agree with your view! Prefer Monster Cross over Bootlegger, but that might be very personal to me. Almost froze to death at the Bootlegger in 2019, due to poor clothing choice and missed a turn in the snow/sleet and didn’t realize until I was almost at Grandfather Mountain.

I’m in but only for the Wafer


I’m in the same boat. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I was excited about it but (1) right now, I am not feeling the love from the organizers. If they seriously thing that they are going to send a large group down Pinnacle Mountain on 36 and 38 tires, well… Granted, I’ve done Pinnacle Mountain on 38s but that was with me picking and choosing my lines, not with a large group.

Cascade Lake is nice. I would be happy if they used that.


Southeast Gravel does a nice job!

I did the Dirt Diggler last on a MTB and was happy with my choice, on that part of the course! The flat road sections, not-so-much! :joy:

I’ve gone ahead and pulled plug on BWR. Gonna do Mountain Mama in Highland County again instead

Did you transfer it to somebody else?

I have not. Is it sold out?

Oh no I just meant since you said you pulled the plug. I guess for us registered already we might as well race it.

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Oh, gotcha. No I haven’t yet but I may. I want to see how it unfolds the next month and whether they get a little more on the ball

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I signed up for the wafer. will be my longest/hardest ride to date. I am stoked and sorta scared. Since it’ll be my first “big” race I went ahead and did the vip dinner thingy the night before too so I could maybe meet some people.

Hoping they send out some communication soon though because It has been pretty lacking tbh.

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I’m doing the wafer also. Haven’t signed up for anything besides that.
I’m all in at this point, I haven’t spent much time in the Asheville/ Hendersonville area. So I figure what a great way to see the place.


I did the San Diego Wafer yesterday.

The “Race Bijbel” and GPS files should be available about a week before the event. Also expect to get a string of emails in the days leading up.

I did the ride on an MTB. Had no issues keeping up with various groups on the road, and even passed a number of folks on the descents with a good tuck. I had a clear advantage over the rocks.

Unfortunately, due a number of different factors, my legs cramped severely in the 2nd half. Luckily I survived and finished with the help of a photog who handed me a bottle of pickle juice. It got me to the 2nd to last aid station, which was the only one stocking pickle juice, where I was able to get a refill.

I’ll be back next year. I may get a gravel bike by then, or I might just do it again on the MTB. Next time, however, I will definitely get a hotel room even though I only live 70 minutes away. Historically, my performance always suffers when I have to get up early and drive to an event day-of, and yesterday’s misery really sealed the deal.


Asheville is a great town, definitely check out downtown. Great road riding out of town too