Behaviour of the in-ride instructions [iOS]

One thing I would like, apart from being able to generally toggle instructions during the ride (not on the main screen, but in the settings menu like the ‘devices’ page) would be to change the interaction with the in-ride instructions. Right now, at least in the iOS apps, you don’t acknowledge the prompt when tapping the screen but instead make it reappear repeatedly and it prevents interaction with UI. This is especially frustrating at the end of the workout when I want to extend the cooldown.

See my short example below (trying to change to the details/TSS page, same thing applies. sorry for the shaky video).

This would be improved by either a) making the workout text ignore taps and taps just going straight through or b) make one tap ‘acknowledge’ the prompt and go to the next one - this way, you could skip through the current block of workout text and interact with the UI afterwards.

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Thanks for taking the time to very clearly explain the issue you’re having! I will pass your feedback onto the team :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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