Be My Friend on Garmin Connect [+ Other apps?]

Hi all,

I’d really like to expand my friend group on Garmin Connect to follow each other, give props, etc. Most of all to do segments!! [Although I’m up here in the Canada and know most users are in the US or other countries.]

I’m hoping we can start a bit of a tidal wave of activity over on Connect, and start seeing some segments around us, seeing some great rides in our feeds, etc.

I only chose Connect because it’s the second most popular one I can think of. If anyone has alternatives to suggest, I’m happy to join you there as well.

Thanks in advance! Hope to see you “out there” soon! My username is the same; Chris1982, in Toronto, Canada.

Edit: If you haven’t already, remember to check your privacy settings. Activities can default to ‘Only me’, meaning even if you connect with people, they won’t be able to see any of your activities, etc. Even your profile itself can be set to ‘Only me’.

[Mods, hope this is OK. Please delete if not.]


Sure! I check strava more often than not but for what I use connect for it’s pretty much the same thing! Leaderboard and segments.

Wish it were more popular.

Paul OD - Raeford NC

I’m in. I sent you a connection request. My username is the same there as here. :slight_smile:

I think a group would be a good start. Decided to make one. And a separate thread: New TR Garmin Group