BC Bike Race 2022 - low volume vs mid volume plus outdoor

I did it on a norco revolver 100 ml travel (a bit low) and maxxis ikon 2.2 on the back 2.35 on the front; there was a interview with geoff kabush who I think suggested ikons (it should be in the bcbr video library; really depends on the weather; we had some rain and some dry but there was no way I was going to change tires mid-week; although there seems like lots of time the days pass quickly

There is no doubt that it is expensive race to compete in, and yes it has gone up in price… But so has everything (bikes, cost of every race). Below some indication, although the inclusion/exclusion of food/camping in the past I don’t know about. About a 15% increase over 7 years.

BCBR 2016 (full rate) - CAD $2249
BCBR 2020 (full rate) - CAD $2599
BCBR 2023 (full rate) - CAD $2599 (I added $400 on for the camping here)

However, in comparison to some of the other big stage races out there it is actually less costly. For example - Singletrack 6 2023 full rate is $1799 (doesn’t include accommodation/camping), Cape Epic is CAD $5000 (includes camping and food). Irrespective of that, it’s still a fair chunk to race your local trails (I probably wouldn’t do it here in the UK on trails I could ride for free otherwise). But equally, a 7 day bike park lift ticket at Whistler is ~$1400 CAD these days.

Bike-wise, I ran a Trek Top Fuel last year (Fox 34 120 up front, 115mm rear travel). Maxxis Rekon 2.4 up front, Ikon 2.35 rear. Worked pretty good for me.


That sounds great, thanks!
I think the temperature will make a big difference in terms of the fluid I will need. I’m hoping the coast will be a bit cooler. I visited Namaino after single track 6, but didn’t ride there. It looks like a gnarly place.

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It is expensive, coming over from the UK and renting an RV. But everything has gone up so much recently and this is what we go to work for.:grinning:

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I have an NS bikes Synonym RC 2 2021.
My partner worked out the geometry and and added a Fox 34 Float fork (130 travel) and a RockShoxs sidlux ultimate RL which gives me 120 at the back.

It’s light weight for having so much travel. I’m running 12 speed and have a brand new Garbaruk cassette to go on in the spring.
It has become my go to bike. I’ve totally bonded with it.


I’ll be bringing my YT Izzo, really like this bike - very light but very capable on rougher XC courses.
Currently have a Forekaster (older version) on the front and Rekon Race on the back. The bike came with Rekon Race back and front but the Forekaster has more grip - definitely for the front - I’m in two minds whether to use a Forekaster on the back also for the BCBR.

I’ve also mostly finished a custom bike box for it - decided that 400>500 euro was waaay too much to spend on a plastic bike box so decided to make my own.
The box is heavy enough but isn’t a whole much heavier than eg a “B&W Bike Case II” - it doesn’t really matter as the combined weight of bike and box doesn’t exceed the AirCanada limit (which I think is 32kg)
I’ve customised the interior to have a locking tab for the front axle and a slot for the chainring etc… so it is held in place even if turned upside down (which baggage handlers sometimes take sick delight in doing :slight_smile: )
I’ve just taken delivery of a nice set of wheels for it (office chair wheels that are like rollerblade wheels) so need to get them added.
The lid of the box uses strong velcro to hold it on and there’ll also be a strap wrapping around the box.
I’ve cut various slots inside the box to hold the cassette, bars and also tools (Allen keys etc) - it’s been fun making it - nothing difficult at all, and the materials were really cheap as they were mostly excess 2x1 timber and an old sheet of 3.5mm plywood.
I’d encourage you to give one a go if looking to save some money!



Hi Bullseye, so I rode a good portion of (what I think is) the Nanaimo course yesterday. For a frame of reference, it took me an 1:20 to get to the where the aid station is marked on the course profile. My NP was around 200w. The aid station is about 17 km/500m elevation from the start.

I was going to post my strava for you, but had a mechanical right at the aid station and the route became a bit of a mess afterwards. Probably more confusing then helpful. I’m sure I’ll ride this again at some point and can post then if you think it will be useful.



Yes, it would be great to see your ride on Strava rides @Bdchunk !
I’m predicting that Nanaimo will probably be the most technical of the days(?). How steep were the ascents/descents to the aid station?

Getting excited :laughing:


Rides - will do!

The Nanaimo route doesn’t have any real super-steep descents. There is the odd steep pitch here and there, but nothing crazy. That said, there are a lot of roots, it can be tight and twisty at times and you need to be smooth to carry speed in most places. But I don’t think anything will be overly scary.

Climbing: again I’m guessing on the route, but to the first aid station the climbing is mostly fire road vs single track. I’m pretty sure by day #4 I’ll be happy with that!

After the aid station, there will be a bit of road here and there, but it should be almost entirely single track to the timed finish. There are a couple steeper technical climbs in there which I can point out when I post next.

I’m getting excited myself! (also getting excited for warm / dry weather, been a lot of cold rainy days here lately)

Yes, we all need dry warm days to get the training in now!!
I’ve been looking at the course info. It’s going to be an amazing adventure. There will be times where I will get off and walk, but with the feeling that there’s “something good” around the corner.


Day 4 - Nanaimo
OK, this is my estimate of the last 2/3rds of the timed route. I’m missing the first 10 km and 300’ish meters of climbing, which last week took me about 50 minutes before I blew my tire up. I’m also not including the non-timed ride back to the start. Full disclosure, this route is a best guess scenario. Pretty sure I’m in the ballpark though.

My random comments re. the attached strava file

  • First 3 climbs are logging road. First two aren’t bad, but the third one is a grind. This will favour the light high w/kg type riders (which is most definitely not me)
  • First 3 descents (Gatekeeper, Power Smart/Hutz, Roller Coaster): fun, but physical. You can flow them but it takes work to be smooth. Roots, undulations, lots of corners, jumps etc. I need to recover after these descents vs. using them as recovery. But nothing scary on any of them.
  • Aid station: Looks like it will be at bottom of that third descent (Roller Coaster). It pops out onto a logging road and they’ll be able to get trucks in there, so makes sense. Including the first 10 km, I was about an 1:20 to here?
  • 4th climb on attached strava is a technical switch back climb. Not many breaks on it.
  • Descent from the top of the 4th climb - Jackaroon - is the most technical trail of the day. Starts around 13.1 km on this strava, bit of a tricky technical climb and then descends to about 13.7 km. Some steeper pitches, tight switchbacks etc. If you are used to north shore stuff this won’t remotely phase you. If you are used to wide open flowy single track yeah, this may be a bit of a challenge.
  • From 13.7 - 17 km there is a brief road section, then a fun flowy trail (Pink Unicorn), another short technical climb (CTS) and then another fun flow descent on Upper and Lower Shenanigans.
  • After that it’s a bit more pedally XC type trails until the end.

Regarding first 10 km not posted here:

  • starting 4km is road with an uphill drag
  • Bit of a punch up to a ridge on single track
  • Traverse the ridge for a bit. Lots of cool rock features but can be tricky in places to carry speed and pick a smooth line
  • The very first part of the descent might be quite intimidating to some. But it’s really short, and then into tight twisty rooty single track up until where today’s route started. Trends down, then trends back up.

More random comments:

  • Eat and drink on the roads, no way to eat on the single track. There are enough roads to make that feasible.
  • Save something for that third climb. It’s pretty steep.
  • It’s a pretty physical day, your upper body will be worked as much as your legs.

Hope this is somewhat useful. Happy to answer any questions best I can!



Some really great, detailed information here. I’m going to print it out and read it the night before. Description’s like a down hill section, which may seem intimidating, but only short and what sections to save energy for, is really useful to me.

Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it :grin:

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I will have an Spesh Epic EVO 110/120 and will run fast Track rear with probable tubolite insert and a ground control front.

I did a trailforks route for the Prologue.



I nearly had a heart attack to checked. A bike park ticket at Whistler is 545CAD for 10 days.

Yes, but it will have gatekeeper into powersauce :slight_smile:

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LOL - good point

That sounds like a beauty BCBR bike!

Given when I posted the bike park prices might not have been up, so that may be ski pass prices. Even so, its still $575 CAD.

Hi all, I’ve been riding maple mountain and mount Tzouhalem a ton for the last month or so. If anyone wants a briefing on the BCBR course on those mountains I’d be happy to do a run down.

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That would be great, if you have time to share :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been looking at a few videos of the named trails. There are definitely some tricky bits which I will struggle to keep my flow on and will end up getting off, but there is plenty to look forward to!