Backdating TSS in TrainingPeaks

I have to start by saying I much prefer TR and for looking at metrics and planning out training, but am having a free review done via TrainingPeaks.

I’ve manually added in all of my outdoor rides (ball-ache), but I noticed my FTP has been out of date since January, so want to correct the TSS for those rides. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Everywhere I click I see screens with pointless info and greyed out premium features. Google results/help articles don’t correspond to what I see/can actually do with my basic TP account. Can I only get onto the relevant screen with a premium account?

Yes I think so. You need a premium account.

Thanks - urgh! What a horrible website - thankfully it wasn’t a big bump, but all my workouts are going to be a few % out. :man_facepalming: