Back to the Future - Training/Racing tips for your younger self

If you could jump in the DeLorean & give your younger self some training/racing advice what would it be?


  • Don’t worry about the bad races - they’re the one’s that’ll improve you the most.

  • Stop racing around in every training session like an idiot. Actually use the HR monitor you’ve got and keep the easy days easy.

  • Don’t try and PB that 10k run with a chest infection - it’s a really stupid idea.

  • Don’t run that half marathon with an injured hip - that’s an even stupider idea.

  • Don’t worry about fitness in taper week - getting to race day feeling fresh & healthy is more important.



Wear gloves when racing.

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Stick with one coach and stick to the plan

Don’t try KETO. It will mess you up.


Understanding all TSS is not equal. Trying to push CTL up via any TSS possible is a good way to plateau.


Stock tips.

Then I could retire early, ride, and travel :sunglasses:


Don’t be a one trick pony.

You can ride a lot harder.

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When people were flicking you off, and honking their horns all the time ~10 years ago while on your first road bike, don’t give up and sell it. You would have been a freaking phenom.

No matter how long I need to get to the line before the race, prioritize my warm ups.

Rest days are as equally important as training days.
FORGIVE yourself.


Your knee problems are not knee problems, they’re foot problems: find an ortho who understands cycling and get fitted for proper orthotics (which covers my 1981-2003).


Don’t race not to lose; race to win

Don’t stress so much about every race