Back to Racing at 57

Hi all, I’m very very new to TR and my new Kickr. I’m 57 and returning to long distance triathlon racing after a three year hiatus. I needed to dedicate all my time to getting my boys into college on baseball scholarships. Well, here I am ready to get back at that grind.
In the way of background, I am a very just ok distance racer…5 Ironmans-12 hour range, 7 HIMs, SOS Race, American Zofingen LC, 4 stand alone marathons, and too too many Olympic Tris. I played D1 baseball in college then went to law school. Got a job on Wall Street and got caught up in that working 15 hours a day routine. Woke up one morning in 1995 and realized I was fat and ugly and decided I wanted to give back to society, so I became a FBI Agent. BTW, still ugly but not longer fat.
Anyway, on Sept 11, 2001, I was a first responder at ground zero and almost died when the South Tower imploded on me. That’s a story for another day. I mention it because it deeply affected me. I became very disenchanted with the human race. I searched for answers why such evil exists in the world and thanks to my wife and long distance racing I found new hope and comfort in people. I found more answers on long runs, long silent swims and even longer bike rides. It was therapy.
This fall I got back in touch with my training partners and they all raved about the Wahoo Kickr and TrainerRoad. So after 23 years, I retired my computrainer and took the head first dive back into LD training with a new Wahoo Kickr and a subscription to TR. Looking to keep growing and learning here from all of you!


Good luck!

Don’t spend too much time tilting at windmills :wink:

Sancho and I, the Knight of the Sad Countenance, tilt at many many windmills…usually in the form of a race over my head!