Back to back workouts: how to rate the second workout in the survey?

How do you answer the survey question in this situation?

Obviously, doing Monitor-1 felt harder ( i rated it Hard) than if I had done it fresh (maybe Easy or Moderate).

Context: I had more time than expected today so after completing a 1hour ftp test, i rested 15min and decided to do tomorrow’s SS.
The rampTest underestimated my FTP (213W) then 6 workouts later AI FTP came up with 223W and is buggy (support is looking into it). So I went retro and did the 2x8min test (ftp =228W).

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Treat them mutually exclusive. Rate it truthfully. I dont rate workouts after a bad sleep as Moderate when it felt Hard and im “compensating” for how i think it should have felt had i been better prepared.


Be honest. Do the assessment at the end of the efforts just as you start the cool down as you’ll feel different at the end of that.

The only time you should “game” the system is if something’s obviously wrong and you are being offered workouts that are way too easy or too hard.

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