Back injury recovery base training strategy? How to plan for the next 2 years?


Looking to get some advice from the TR brain trust. I slipped my L2 a few months back while doing some triathlon build training during the COVID lockdown. I’ve been diligent about PT and I got cleared to begin activity again. Aside from not doing any activity that hurts the back, does anyone have suggested TR plan strategies or strength training strategies to help build back up?

Also - until the world settles down a bit, I’m not looking to race for another 20 months or so. With that long to go, how should I look to structure training for that far out?


Also interested in hearing about other users’ experience. I had an Uber driver pull out in front of me a few weeks back and ended up going through his window at 20mph. Came out of it alive thanks to my helmet and a tourniquet by fast responding EMTs, but also with a fractured C6. Trying to ease my way back into things, but the neck & back pain is … well, a pain.

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