Avoiding the Virus

This remains true in other Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan. While many of these countries have population density as a disadvantage when it comes to a virus like COVID, they still managed to quite successfully battle the virus even in the early stages. If western countries dropped the BS ego/individualism in favor of a more group/goal oriented approach we would fare much better as well. Unfortunately, particularly here in the US, we can’t seem to pull our head out of our ass. But hey, football is back so rock on.


The weirdest thing is that Western religions are supposedly focused on doing good to others. And yet we end up being the worst individualists.


The quote is from the article, not the Captain, but its accurate use of “conservative” – as in prudent, cautious, mindful of my not infringing on your right not to be harmed by my negligence, whether I am driving drunk or willfully spreading a disease – reminds this ancient recovering English teacher of the debasement our language has suffered since the radical right got its hands on once useful words, and turned them into their opposite, a la Orwell’s 1984. These days we have people running for office and calling themselves “conservative”, whose agenda is largely about using guns to enforce what they see as their right to spit on others.


…using guns to enforce what they see as their right to [kill] others.


However, as violently bewildering as the current state is, taking 10,000 steps back to see that the US is still such a young society and culture; they are still in their “warring tribes” phase through which much older/advanced Asian societies have already experienced (many times!).

It’s also very much a difference in mentality: Asian societies geared towards advancing the whole, Western societies advancing the individual.

Yeah, crappy that we all have to live through it, well, except for those that it kills, but it’s a natural process.

Horrified by what I saw at my daughter’s LAX tournament today. In WI…vast majority of adults not wearing masks and no effort to social distance.

SW Wisconsin is literally the epicenter of the virus in the US right now…the hottest of hot spots and no one seems to care.


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I’d recommend against using busy pubic places, as well, because it’s not just covid that you have to worry about… :rofl:


I know several that have been using the pool for months. Here are two people swimming laps at my local gym this morning:

My wife has friends in Wisconsin that she was visiting a few weekends back. She mentioned how uncomfortable it was at a few gas stations along the way (Minneapolis to Green Bay). No one wearing masks, and seemingly no concern for the virus.

I love Wisconsin, it’s an endearing state, but there is a huge population of people there that just don’t get it. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


Ya, I wish outdoor pools were an option. In Iowa though so the only option is indoor pools and I’m not going anywhere near that. Curious what races are going to look like next year (assuming they even happen) since a lot of people won’t have much time to get their swimming back up to par.

Yeah here in NorCal we still have highs of in upper 80s and 90 mid week, then it drops into 70s for the 10-day. The pool is heated and people swim outside all year even when outside early morning temps are in 30s.

Our gym is mostly outside these days, I do 90% of my routine at home and then go to what used to be a tennis court to use a few key pieces of equipment:

Everybody has to make their own call, and to be honest I feel safer outside at the gym than I do at Costco on a Sat/Sun.

Heard Iowa got a taste of winter this week! Last year the first week of November I drove from the Twin Cities to Cedar Rapids and snow all over the road from Iowa state line all the way to Cedar Rapids.

Yup…no big deal, just like a cold, only affects old / vulnerable people.


My wife has a friend who’s a nurse in Grand Forks, ND and they were talking about how ND has 10 ICU beds available for the remainder of the state. TEN. The Dakotas are in for a nightmare winter it seems, but there has to be a connection to case rates there as well as other states that are surging like Wisconsin.

I’m not trying to bring politics up, but the current state of the US must be attributed to the messaging from the Administration. Especially when their leader says things like this:

“People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots — these, these people, these people that have gotten it wrong. Every time he goes on television, there’s always a bomb. But there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him. But Fauci’s a disaster, I mean this guy,”

“If I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression.”

Well, we know one of the reasons it is surging in the Dakotas…the Sturgis rally. And when you factor in that Harley Davidson is located in Milwaukee, it is reasonable to infer that the surge in SE WI is at least partially related to the same event.

IN related news, at the last second we had to take my daughter’s teammate to the tournament this weekend. She has been coughing since then and got tested yesterday…but suffice to say I and my daughter may very well have been exposed. I didn’t want to take this girl in the first place because her family is a total “I don’t believe in COVID” family…but my wife and daughter insisted.


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I see that Gaviria is out of the Giro due to the 'rona - second time he’s picked it up.

I start to think that what we experienced in march/April was nothing compared to the next few months.
Sincerely hope I’m to pessimistic though.

I don’t think you, Pasque…unfortunately.

We just received an alert for our county that we are experiencing a surge…and we had a pretty decent lid on it so far. High School district was supposed to go back next week on a hybrid schedule, but looks like we will remain remote for the foreseeable future.

This is just gonna get worse…

I’d temporarily pause the training and start popping at least vitamins C & D and throw in some zinc right now if you think there’s a good chance you’ve had significant exposure.

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On Gaviria‘a first round:

The fever went after two days and after that I didn’t feel anything in particular: no coughing fits, no sore lungs, nothing. I had to wait a very long while to get a negative result to appear on the tests…

He felt normal in less than a week but it took 3 weeks before he tested negative.

You can be sick for a few days but asymptomatically spreading for a month or more.

Good thing masks are just a Lib hoax to try and rig the election.

A racing 2021? Probably not.

I believe that positive tests long after infection are usually due to the nature of the PCR test, which can pick up small amounts of dead viral matter and record that as a positive test. Both the WHO and the CDC state that 10 days after illness onset, providing a patient has had no fever for at 3 days, they can be considered non-infectious. Asymptomatic spreading for a month is vanishingly unlikely.